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We publish mysteries in a variety of genres:  

Our books are published in print and ebook format.

Authors wishing to publish with Deadly Writes Publishing, LLC, are invited to review our Query and Submission Policy.

New Release
by Bill Hopkins

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by Bill Hopkins

A Judge Rosswell Carew Mystery - Book Five

Estimated Release Date - June 2016




Deadly Writes Publishing is now open for submissions.

We are looking for mysteries of all kinds: cozy, hardboiled, noir, suspense, thriller, police procedural, amateur sleuth, paranormal mystery, romantic suspense, etc. either standalone or series.

Please! Query first to

Don’t send us a proposal. If we like the query, we will ask for a FULL manuscript.

All Write Now! 
Annual Conference
Co-Sponsored by
Southeast Missouri Writers’ Guild
and Heartland Writers Guild   

July 2016
Check back for updates.

Of course you do! 


Register for the first Annual All Write Now! Conference to be held in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with publisher, Lou Turner, at High Hill Press.   

That’s it! Well, almost.
Like any good book, there’s a hook!

To enter, you must have a completed fiction manuscript (in any genre) or a nonfiction book proposal, which should include an introduction, chapter-by-chapter outline, and first three chapters. That’s it! Almost.   

You must sign up to enter when you register for the conference. And you must be present to win. The drawing will be held after the final workshop of the day.   

Watch for registration updates.
And, Deadly Writes Publishing will be taking pitches informally.

or contact Deadly Writes directly

About Us:

Bill and Sharon Hopkins founded Deadly Writes Publishing, LLC in 2011 as an independent press.

SHARON WOODS HOPKINS is the author of the Rhetta McCarter Mysteries.

The first book in the series, KILLERWATTwas released in October 2011. The second Rhetta McCarter book, KILLERFIND, was released in July 2012, and KILLERTRUST in September 2013. KILLERGROUND was released in April  2015.

KILLERWATT was nominated for a Lovey Award in 2011 for Best First Novel, and was a finalist in the 2012 Indie Excellence Awards.

KILLERFIND was a finalist in the 2013 Indie Excellence Book Awards, and was the first place winner in the 2013 Missouri Writers’ Guild Show-Me Best Book Awards.

KILLERTRUST was a finalist in the 2014 Indie Excellence Book Awards.

BILL HOPKINS is the author of the Judge Rosswell Carew Mystery series.


COURTING MURDER, Bill's first book of the series, was first published in October 2012 by Southeast Missouri University Press.  The second edition was published in September 2014.

was released under the Deadly Writes Publishing, LLC imprint in September 2013 and was the first place winner in the 2014 Missouri Writers’ Guild Show-Me Best Book Awards.

BLOODY EARTH, the third book of the Judge Rosswell Carew Mystery series was published in December 2014.

UNFINISHED GRAVE was released in June 2015.

Our Goal:

Our goal as a small publisher is to find an excellent story, and produce the highest quality book and eBook that we can. We aren’t looking for a great number of submissions, but will occasionally open up for queries because we are always on the lookout for that great manuscript. If we accept a manuscript for publication, it is because we believe in the author, the story and the potential success of the book.

What We Expect From Our Authors:

We want authors who not only write well but who will actively promote themselves and their books. We expect our authors to promote themselves on such sites as Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, and, if possible, have a web page and blog.

With each submission we receive, we expect the author to have a promotional game plan for the book’s success. You  need to know about and be able to tap into the possible readers for your book for it to be successful.

Most of all, we want great writing and great stories!




Deadly Writes Publishing, LLC is a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association.

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